You can choose from many culture and sport activities. Explore spa, surrounded forests or historic centre of Carlsbad.

Výletní areál Diana
Diana Tourist Complex

„If you weren´t there, you didn´t see Carlsbad“. That´s exactly right. View from lookout tower Diana is really incredible. You get there on your foot or use cableway.

Diana areal is not only the lookout tower. It offers way more attractions and services:

Visiting Diana areal will be unforgettable experience. >>>

Loket Castle
Loket castle

Middle Ages castle Loket is one of the most significant historical monument of Carlsbad region. Loket Castle is associated with Charles IV. who lived there. Thanks to him, Carlsbad became one of the most important spa town in Europe.

In the town of Loket is also a centre of many cultural events.

Anyway, Loket is one  of the places you definitely should visit. >>>


Mill Colonnade Carlsbad
Colonnades and hot springs

Carlsbad – town of colonnades. Just a few minutes from hotel Cordoba is spa centre with all the colonnades and hot springs.

The most famous colonnade is Mill Colonnade, which was bulit from distinguished Czech architect Josef Zídek.

Other colonnades in Carlsbad:

  • Park Colonnade
  • Market Colonnade
  • Castle Colonnade
  • Hot Spring Colonnade
  • Freedom Spring Arbour
  • Alois Klein's Arbour

In all colonnades you can get and drink carlsbad hot springs.


Golf Karlovy Vary
Golf courses

More than 100 years Carlsbad is associated with golf. Carlsbad offers biggest concentration of golf courses in Czech republic. You can choose from 10 18-holes and 9-holes golf courses. 

Traditional places:

More info about other golf courses >>>